Need Help Recruiting?


Need Help Recruiting?

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Jump Career’s Recruitment Solutions

We bring to your company strong expertise in retention, high-quality work, and a personalized level of service. Unmatched by the generalization of larger staffing agencies, a small recruitment company is exactly what you want to ensure that your needs are met.

Jump Recruitment provides services for companies nation-wide. Our team is agile and sensitive to the changing needs of our clients as they pertain to the environment.

Our team will be with you every step of the way, from the needs assessment to the reference checks.


Client Needs Assessment

Our recruiters will complete a thorough consultation with a designated representative to understand key criteria. This includes the duties and qualifications of the role, desired cultural fit, and other relevant details.


Development of Job Description

With the knowledge gained from the client needs assessment, our team will strategically construct an attractive job ad which clearly identifies the key responsibilities, and qualifications you seek in your ideal candidate.


Development and Execution of Search Strategy

Jump Recruitment Specialists, in collaboration with the client, always ensure to develop customized additional avenues to pursue when searching for candidates.


Submission of Candidate Summaries and Coordination of Client-Candidate Interviews

Following the completion of all interviews, we will prepare an applicant profile package highlighting our short list of candidates to be submitted to you.


Screening and Interviews

Following our external and internal search for suitable candidates, we will begin our in-depth screening process. The screening involves discussing the role, and engaging job seekers with details of both the tangible and intangible benefits of the opportunity.


Post Interview Follow-up and Reference Checks

Following the client interviews, the recruiter will discuss with you and your team feedback about the candidates and interview process.

Need to find top talent?

Find the right talent for your organization’s unique needs with our team of recruitment professionals.

What Employers Are Saying

“We’ve used Jump for several key hires.  As a rapidly growing tech company in a hyper-competitive job market, and with very high standards for talent and fit, recruitment is extremely difficult.  Jump has never failed to deliver exceptional team members that continue to contribute greatly to our technical and market success.”

Craig Rowe

CEO and Founder, ClearRisk Inc.

“Working with Jump Recruitment Specialists, Genoa Design International has been able to fill a number of key positions in the company. The staff at Jump made it a priority to get a full understanding of our specific recruitment needs. They have been very responsive, reliable and proficient throughout the entire recruitment process. We appreciate the contributions Jump has made to the amazing team we have at Genoa Design International.”

Gina Pecore

Partner/Chief Executive Officer, Genoa Design International

“During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic we harnessed the experience of Jump Recruitment as we began to pivot from traditional environmental testing to medical diagnostic testing. The team at Jump understood our need for quick results and stepped up. They made the entire recruitment process very easy for us and were able to fulfill our requirements in a very short time frame. A great group of people, very professional and effective.”

Paul Antle

President and CEO, Avalon Laboratories

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