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Our Approach

The key differentiators Jump Recruitment Specialists will bring to your organization, include a strong expertise in retention and perhaps most importantly, a high quality/personalized level of customer service that is simply unmatched by larger recruitment firms.

Client Needs Assessment

Our recruiters will complete a thorough consultation with a designated representative to understand the duties and qualifications of the role, desired cultural fit and other relevant details.  

Development of Job Description

With knowledge gained from the client needs assessment, our team will strategically construct an attractive job ad that clearly identifies the key responsibilities and qualifications you seek in your ideal candidate. 

Development and Execution of Search Strategy

While Jump Recruitment Specialists has an existing platform to use for any search assignment, we always, in collaboration with the client, ensure we develop customized additional avenues to pursue in our search for candidates.

Screening and Interviews

Following our external and internal search for suitable candidates, we will begin our in-depth screening process to discuss the role and engage active and passive job seekers with all details of the tangible and intangible benefits of this opportunity. 

Submission of Candidate Summaries and Coordination of Client-Candidate Interviews

Following the completion of all interviews, we will prepare an applicant profile package highlighting our short list of candidates being submitted to you. 

Post Interview Follow-up and Reference Checks

Following the client interviews, the recruiter will discuss with you and your team feedback about the candidates and interview process. 

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