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We Recruit. You Retain.

At Jump, we know that time is money. Every minute you spend writing job postings and conducting interviews is time taken away from your business. So, save your time. We have an extensive database of exceptional job candidates – why sift through piles of paper? Let us do all the heavy lifing, so you can focus on strengthening your business.

Jump Guarantees

The Best Candidates
Consider us the gatekeepers when it comes to acquiring quality job candidates for your company. We will screen, interview, and reference check applicants based on your company’s ideal candidate criteria. By the time you meet Jump’s candidates, we make sure you have only the best to choose from.

Satisfaction First
Jump is contingency-based, which means we don’t get paid until the best Jump candidate accepts the job. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction.

A Smart Investment
With Jump, you’re making a low risk, guaranteed investment in your business. Our promise? We prevent continuous turnover by finding the perfect candidate the first time. And to show you we’re serious- we include guarantees on all hired placements. If the employee doesn’t work out, we will find you a suitable replacement at no additional cost.

We provide balanced and detailed job descriptions and compensation packages that protect your identity and contact information, ensuring your competitors can’t access your company’s direction and success.

Make the Jump Today!

JUMP Recruitment is very proud to be featured in the Aug/Sept issue of Business News magazine!

If you are looking to hire someone in the near future you are probably asking yourself: why should I use a recruiter when I can just post the job myself? Well there are a lot of reasons why, in some cases, you may want to use a recruitment company to find your next talent. In a nutshell- it will save you time, money and your sanity! I’m sure that anyone who has had the pleasure of sorting through hundred’s of unqualified resumes, read countless emails and conducted an innumerable amount of interviews knows that on the surface hiring someone may seem easy but in reality it is one the toughest things to do. Because in the end it’s not just about getting a good employee- it’s about retaining that employee. Let me tell you why enlisting a third party can be extremely helpful in hiring the right person.

We Are The Experts
The connections we have allow us to link you up with the top candidates in the industry. We are able to access both active and passive job seekers, which allows you to choose from the best-of-the-best rather than just the best of whoever has applied. Most recruitment companies have a pre-screened database of qualified candidates at their disposal, so we may already have the perfect person ready to go. For some specialty positions even the local candidate base simply will not fulfill the client’s needs, by using a recruitment company you are increasing your reach to the qualified out of town candidates as well. Additionally, we are able to ethically engage candidates who are currently working at competing companies, whereas employers cannot do this.

Some companies wish to remain anonymous when performing a job search and there are many reasons why they may choose to do this. If a key position needs to be replaced quietly and in a timely manner, hiring a recruitment company to find a replacement ensures a smooth transition while maintaining the integrity of the company. Some companies request to remain anonymous simply because they do not want their competition to know they are growing or because they do not want you applying directly to them.

When it comes to negotiating salary and benefits packages candidates are much more honest and forthcoming about what they are really looking for when there is a third party involved. Ensuring both the client and candidate are happy with all the terms of their contract highly increases the chance that they will actually retain the candidate- which is the goal. Need advice on appropriate salary ranges? We can help. Because of our knowledge and expertise in multiple industries we can providevaluable insight on realistic salary requirements for all types of positions.

An Investment
The fee paid to a professional recruiting firm is a strategic investment in finding top talent to upgrade your company, not an extraneous expense. When selecting a recruitment company to work with choose one that includes guarantees with their services. That is, if the candidate is let go due to performance reasons or leaves on their own accord, the company will replace them at no additional cost. This provides a “safety net” for the client ensuring that their investment is protected. The guarantee proves that the recruitment company truly cares about your needs and wants to find the best candidate for the position- not to just fill the position.

Remember: expertise means only having to hire once so save your time, your money and your sanity and call us today.

Written by: Andrea Hogan
Business Development Manager